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The practical portion of this course has been conducted, and the 42 participants are now working on their tickets. If you would like to learn more about Wood Badge training, or share some Wood Badge fellowship, please make plans to attend the 2016 Northeastern Pennsylvania Wood Badge Gathering on Sunday, March 13, at 4:00 pm in the Hickory Street Presbyterian Church in Scranton. For details download the event flyer.

Course Limit: 48 participants. A standby list will be created on a first-fully paid first-served basis.

Course Dates: The course will be conducted over two weekends of camping. The weekends begin early in the morning of their first day and end early in the evening on their last day. Between the two weekends, participants will be required to hold TWO patrol meetings.

Course Camping Locations: 1st Weekend - Goose Pond Scout Reservation - Lake Ariel, PA
2nd Weekend - Camp Acahela - Blakeslee, PA

Cost: $270.00, however...
All participants registered in the Northeastern Pennsylvania Council will receive a $50.00 scholarship from the Wood Badge Fund making their cost only $220.00 if the fee is paid in full by July 15, 2015. Monies for the Wood Badge Fund are raised at the Northeastern Pennsylvania Council's annual Wood Badge Gathering. (Fee is non refundable after August 1, 2015)

Course Director: Cindy Johnson (click to email a question)